Forgive me Followers for I have sinned, it has been 2 weeks since my last confession

Oh haayyyyy everyone. Yes it’s been awhile since I posted but in my defense I was BUSY!!! Frolicking about, plane hopping, wedding crashing.. diet blasting.. haha.
Man weddings are a killer on the ol’ sweet tooth!! Caitlyn: eye muffs… poor woman was traumatized by what I considered a ‘good’ cheat day LOL would hate to give her a heart attack with the 4-6 people’s worth of desserts that I devoured.. at the ONE wedding.. ugh.. fiiiine.. both.. weddings..
Now, although this isn’t actually MEEEE in the photo.. it may as well have been…I had a similar ‘drunk on cake’ look (or in her case alcohol and roofies it looks like) as she does.. not sure about copyrights on this puppy, so just in case… HERE‘s the link.

So our first weekend of craziness we schlepped along the children to Nanaimo from up north, that was fun.. what with the luggage and my extra suitcase of prepped food of chicken, mustard, snap peas (the only veggie I like that stands up to being packed around at room temp and doesn’t turn nasty.. that’s right Spinach.. I’m lookin’ at choo! WHY do you wilt and bruise so darn easy??? Ugh.. and not even the nice sauteed wilt but full on gross, slimy wilt). Plus some delish Quest bars and other stuff, the rest I bought down there.
We stayed a few days with the Best Man (groom’s twin brother) and his familia. They just moved into a new house a month ago so it was neat to see their new space.
Then off to Parksville and the Tigh Na Mara resort for the rehearsal and then ultimately the wedding. Friday night post-rehearsal dinner, I get a text that for lack of better options, Shay is going to drop her little doll off with a Craig’s List babysitter. UMMM NOOOO you’re not! Skip to 5am the next morning… I get a text “We’re outside”, so up I get and out I go to open my door to this adorable little monkey, Brooklyn. It’s just so weird that we both happened to be on the island on the same dates when we only met once before (if you read my post about Nationals, you know the background there) and we live 9 hours apart usually! Since that fateful (and slightly romantical) weekend our lives have just fallen together and we talk pretty much daily.
photo 3(1)photo 1(1) photo 2(1)
Brooklyn fit into our little family, like a glove. What a doll ❤ Here’s the 3 monsters watching Saturday morning cartoons and the girls watching Davey play the iPad. Notice how my kids just act weird now when I take photos… lil shits.
photo 4(1)  photo 5
This was Saturday off our balcony with the tide out. It was amazing how far the beach went when the tide was out. We went for a stroll and checked out the snails and shells. I had photos.. I don’t know where I put them now. Sooo just imagine us down there.. in the sand… yep, there ya go.
Saturday at the reception Shay and Brooklyn came as my ‘plus one’ since Tim was in the bridal party. We sat, we laughed, we drank (water), we ate (non diet food) and we danced 🙂

We were home for 2 days, I did laundry, edited the remainder of the shots from a wedding that Lauren and I shot in July and then repacked it all. Next, Tim and I were off again but this time sans kids and from PG to Van to Kelowna and then we rented an “adult” car, black soft top Camaro to drive to Osoyoos with!! Woohoo!!
photo 2
Tim and I sitting WestJet Plus.. woooo fancy free upgrade? Yes please!!! Except not really much better then “regular” seats. Just up near the front of the 3
Tim and I just got the Camaro at the car rental place and didn’t know how to put the top down and looked stupid messing with it so Tim got all man gruff and was like “GET IN! We’ll just go park somewhere and muck with it in private!” Men and their ego in front of complete strangers.
photo 1(2)
Drawbacks of a convertible when you’re a girl!!! My poor bangs ended up SOOOOO knotty and there wasn’t a bobby pin to be seen anywhere all of a sudden.. figures.
photo 2(2)
Waiting on Tim while he gets fitted for his suit in Penticton. I’m exceptionally talented at looking unattractive.
photo 4Coming out of Kelowna and looking towards Summerland!!! On route to Osoyoos!
This majestical gem was found in a convenience store in Kelowna of all places!!!! Talk about a frickin AMAZING sounding idea.. lol probably one of those that SOUNDS better than it is though… seeing as it’s in a convenience store and not any reputable restaurant lol. NOOOO I didn’t eat it, Caitlyn.. sheesh! No faith.
Me getting my HURR did by a girl named Tamara. Just came from makeup, which turned out AH-MAZINGLY! Thank you to SJB Makeup Artist for the beautiful number you did on mah face! Not to gloat buuuuuut she also asked me to come model for her runway show in Vancouver October 25th!!!! ERMERGERD YESSSSSS!!! Sooo flattered and EXCITED!!!! Check out the link to her fb page, she does some super cool elaborate makeup.. did I mention she’s an AWARD winning makeup artist??? She just got back from New York, where she accepted an award for Best Makeup in the 24 Hour Film Race. (That’s no small feat, there’s films from all over Canada & the US submitted) Congrats Sheleah!!! You are incredible at what you do! ❤
Tim and I in the limo, starrrrrrving!!! It was weird to go from consistently eating 6 meals a day to eating 2. Wanna see a hungry bikini competitor with low blood sugar try and walk in heels in some gravel? So I had a Palm Bay. What! I needed sustenance!!! Don’t judge me.
My beautiful and favourite ginger, the Bride, looking just soooooo excited for the day.. PS that’s not the groom beside her.. not that anyone was asking.. or wondering probably.. but for the purposes of full disclosure.. it’s not. So there. PS Her name is Katie. She’s goddamn hilarious. She has red hair.
The ravishing Deni and me, with my Palm Bay influenced face… ya right, that’s all me.
It’s easier to look ridiculous on purpose than try to look pretty and thereby create an “elephant in the room” situation for everyone where no one wants to point out the obvious, you STILL look like a tool.
Looking awfully poised considering there’s like 6+ beads of sweat running down my back and inner thighs.. ooooh ya, SEX-ayyyyy… you know you waaaant it.
On a side note, if a bee is crawling on your friend’s face, you should politely swat at it.. if, however, it’s headed for the bottom hole where the lace up end at the back of her dress, just stare stupidly until it crawls in there and begins to panic.. then GASP! as though you JUST noticed.. that’s what I did. It’s the cool thing to do. Trust me.
***Sorry Randa, that’s how it played out, I didn’t mean to just gawk but I was stunned! At least you didn’t get stung***

PS Randa has a super fun blog with actual contests and prizes that you can win!!! Check her out at The Bewitchin’ Kitchen, she’s a great blogger with lots of super indepth reviews, healthy recipes and great posts in general.

Well. I think that’s long enough for this one. I’d apologize for being so absent in between posts but if you’ve learned anything from my blog it’s that 1. I am a perpetual apologize’r 2. I’m sporadic at best and 3. I’m not gonna change any time soon.

To keep up with my traditional parting thought…
Claire recently learned where money comes from…
Piggy Banks’ Butt!

RIP Piggy.. your demise was definitely in vain… there was only like $0.78 in there!

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