September, it’s the New January

I seriously miss that “Back to School” feeling I got when we went school supply shopping, and got to get all geared up for a new year at school.. I am in SERIOUS withdrawals!!! I wish I could go back to school. It was such a great time! The first day of school is seriously MORE exciting than Christmas morning for me!!! (Maybe it has something to do with because we didn’t do opening the pressies that morning but rather did them Christmas Eve night, as is German tradition)

I say that September is the new January.
September always symbolized a fresh start for the school year and the start of fall, even though technically it’s still ‘summer’. With fall always came walks to the school bus in the fresh, crisp morning air (despite my insistence that it was below -15C and that I needed a ride), comfy sweaters, clean new notebooks, summer time adventure stories, the possibility of new friends if someone moved to town, and the start of a new school year. Hands down, my favorite time of year. To the school aged population it’s their “January”, their new year. I can’t get over how hard this September has been for me! Ya, boo hoo, no school, I can only imagine what 14 year old me would say to 26 year old me right now. Oh but the stories 26 year old me could tell 14 year old me would boggle that little teen brain!!!
I can’t wait to send Davey off to Kindergarten next year, Mommy will have the time of her life; buying school supplies, going to the first day, doing his work with him… oh man… HEAVEN.

Yes I know, not a fitness related post..
Big Whoop

2 thoughts on “September, it’s the New January

  1. It sort of fitness related!! Look at how many fitness classes start in the fall. I was just having a conversation with a friend about “winter weight”. I don’t have winter weight, I have SUMMER WEIGHT. Every summer I drink far too much beer and eat way too many hot dogs. September is always my start of a new year to get back in shape. Oh, if only I could just leave those damn hot dogs alone……not the beer. The beer can stay!

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