143 Days Out

So, last week I got my training & nutrition plan from my coach, Caitlyn. I would love to write something witty and mildly snarky at her but really when I look at, I think I’ve got it pretty good, at least for the time being. I thought, hey this plan is so do-able! I mean, I’ll have to tackle things that are outside of my comfort zone and Tim will have to endure my never ending plea to buy more gym equipment (I think a power cage counts as a gym essential!! If only it wasn’t so pricey… birthday present ideas… Tim… are you listening????) all in all it looks awesome.. then I remembered I’m technically in my off season still..

Post Interval Training

Post Interval Training – :35 of DRIPPING sweat

Oh. Crap.

Guess I will be doing my best to cherish these last 2ish months I have left!! As for the nutrition side of things I am finding it to be not that big of an obstacle since I’m so used to batch cooking and prepping all my own meals anyway and then attempting to satisfy my family’s, lets call it DIVERSE, tastes on top of that. I’m sure come end of October/beginning of November I’ll puke at the thought of more egg whites, chicken, spinach and the like, but for now, I’m still able to enjoy it.

*UPDATE* I wrote this and that evening Tim surprised me by letting me buy a (second hand but in amazingly good shape) Gold’s Gym Platinum Home Gym from a friend of his in town. We haven’t actually gotten it to the house, it needs to be disassembled and brought over yet. Regardless, he messed up my post!! Which is why it’s been quiet over here on the blog front. I guess I can forgive him though.
It’s also why my title is now incorrect… I’m actually at 141 Days Out.
Maybe he was listening after all… 🙂
Happy Friday People!

Isn’t it pretty!?!?

Chatterbox!?!?! ME?? Never…

There’s something so sexy and therapeutic about sitting down to write a new blog post with fresh coffee, looking out my window (wondering wtf is mother nature’s problem?? Where’s the SUN!?) and having a stark white page with the little black blinking vertical thingy winking at me, patiently waiting for me to start. Beauty of it is that I can literally write about anything I want! How about some shit I learned in university, the correlation between supply and demand? Or… Rugby players remind me of the Irish, super friendly, will drink you under the table and love to beat the shit outta each other! Or Math is fun! (shut up, I like math ok?) Or.. Starbucks has hideously overpriced coffee? Or (a particularly scarring experience) My Japanese professor giving me flashbacks to kindergarten (“Claudia, talks too much in class, needs to shut the hell up and listen. Chatterbox.”)
Ok. So I didn’t learn a shit ton in university; but it has come to my attention that neither did alot of my peers (maybe because we were always busy talking…? Perhaps. I doubt it. That can’t be it.) However, proof is in the pudding (wonder where that phrase came from…wikipedia don’t fail me now).
A couple weekends ago we hit up the Wood Expo in Prince George and UNBC had a booth there. I recognized the peeps sitting there so I went over and had a nice BS with them and they were on the same page as I was, your little piece of paper that has your name and degree on it really only says one thing; if you are willing to endure 4+ years of lack of sleep, stress, endless assigned readings (that you’ll never do), professors with an accent so thick you need hieroglyphics to decipher what they’re teaching and countless group projects and presentations in your chosen field of study, then all that’s really saying is you’re either A) a really determined hard worker OR B) you know people who know people who.. ya know where I’m going with this.
Which made me wonder, why don’t they display what your GPA or if you were an A, B, C+, etc. student on your degree?? I think that would say more about how qualified you are than leaving it up to your skills in persuasion at your interview.
OK I got a little off track there.. but it still needed mentioning regarding the grades on degrees, you’re welcome post secondary education system and the employers who hire graduates, for solving a longstanding, unaddressed loop hole.
So these two are sitting there, looking exceptionally bored, in their dark little booth and I asked what they both do at the University and how applicable their education was to what they’re doing now.. one mumbled about how they use some of what they learned in marketing and the other said she uses absolutely nothing except for one thing… she utilizes her knowledge of the university’s floor plan to get around faster.
SWEET. How much did that cost you in student loans again?
I’m not sure where I’m going with this but maybe subconsciously I’m hung up on the fact that so many of us attend post secondary institutes (with these glamourized visions of money, power and purpose) but once we graduate we find ourselves in a job that really didn’t require that amount of study and the whole time we’re there (presumably, racking up debt) some of our other peers are out in the workforce, doing trades or what have you, gaining invaluable experience and making more right out of high school than we and our little piece of paper ever will… That being said, I think university was a really fun experience and I really grew into my own person there, or if you prefer the more inspirational phrase, I found myself! (Cue sappy music)

Which brings me to the meaning of life….. just kidding. I won’t go there.. hopefully ever.

Speaking of Lists & a Virgin…

I’m going to start out by making a couple of lists..

Things I am NOT: an essay connoisseur, quiet or reserved, Martha Stewart (no one will argue this if they’ve seen my house), overly patient, a virgin (in case my having 2 children with my big german head didn’t give it away)
Things I AM and DO: swear.. often (sorry Mom, I know you tried), enjoy getting up at 4-5am everyday to enjoy a quiet coffee before the chaos of having little kids ensues, Class 1 driver, have a small photography business with my sister in law, am constantly enrolled in some sort of distance education, dive into things headfirst with a lot of determination and this is where my post title actually comes into play, I’m a bikini competition virgin.

As I mentioned initially, I’m not much of an essay writer so for those of you following my blog you can expect at least 3 things:
1. more lists and giant run on paragraphs with minimal organization littered with some photos of whatever happens to catch my attention (note how this is already a list…)
2. an honest account of my experiences and some cursing (Sorry Caitlyn but as my coach odds are pretty good it’ll be directed at you… or Tim because he lives with me)
3. randomness – yellowbellied sapsucker anyone?


Guess I should actually mention something about where I’m at in terms of preparing for the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic (btw this is the name of the competition I’m in the process of registering for, gawd I’m a terrible writer, sorry everyone). I’ve recently been in touch with Caitlyn Bellamy (of Revolutionary Fitness & Nutrition Consulting, she’s on FB, so check her out!) who I’ve chosen to be my coach and mentor throughout this process (HA! Lucky you Caitlyn) and she is putting together a plan for me. Until I get my training & nutrition plans I’m just doing my own thing in preparation for the Spartan Sprint in Edmonton on June 29th.
The Spartan is one of my 2013 goals; I started out this year with a couple goals in mind and as I achieve them and continued on my path with health and fitness as a priority, I just find myself adding to the list!! (yes, I’m aware I am the queen of lists).
I’ll do a post in the future about how 2013 started off for me, what my goals were and what they are now… it’s only June, plenty of time to add to my list!!!

What are some of your goals for 2013???